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Booppey is a group who loves image processing, computer vision, machine learning domain and its applications such as for robotics, for computer, for mobile phone. In addition, we develop mobile game for fun. In the future, we hope combine both mobile game and computer vision domains in one product like virtual reality game.

When a kid looks at an image like image on above, he can identify simple elements: “sky,” “building,” “bike,” “car,” “etc”. That is very simple. However, the computer cannot do that. Therefore with some advanced knowledge, computers are getting smart enough to do that too. That is called computer vision. That does not interest you? With the vision, computer can help you to say: “the camera is mounted in a car”, “there are 60 student in a class”, “there are a girl near a boy”. In other way, computer vision can generate image, video from our text. That is very interest us.

We are working in this domain. Booppey’s Computer Vision Blog is our blog to share our knowledge about that to others. First of all, we write the basic theories about those domains for easier to read others posts on our blog. Next we will write posts more complex. Each post contains demo, source, explanation. In every posts, pages in http://www.booppey.com, we try to write very carefully and most of articles based on our real project.

In the future, we will build the Booppey Computer Vision server for locate all image processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence functions. We call “online functions”. That server help you to test our algorithms in each post/page on our blog. In additional, you could use our online functions on the server for your own application / program / software with simple http link called.
We are very happy to welcome you to the site. If you have any feedback, question, … please let us a comment or contact us via info@booppey.com.
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Enjoy your documentation!

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